Verification Made Easy

Documentation included. Verification of Resident Services, qualified providers, and Life Success Library usage is included as part of your ACE LIVE & LEARN Membership.

Quarterly usage reports. Each quarter you will receive a usage report (sample below) with the following features:

  • Reports by property. Your quarterly report will show usage by property, including number of sessions and pages per visit, allowing you to keep records at each site readily accessible to show state compliance officers.
  • Number of resident logins. Your property report will include the number of times residents logged in to access the online Life Success Library.

Needs assessment. A brief Needs Assessment Survey is included as part of our service to be used in the resident sign-up process. It is recommended new residents complete the survey as part of the move-in process. The Needs Assessment Survey:

  • Identifies areas of greatest need. The survey asks residents to identify areas in their life they would like to learn more about or improve.
  • Automatically delivered. Survey results are automatically emailed to property management when submitted by the resident.

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