Would You Like to Help Your Community and               Promote Your Business?

                 We have a variety of ways you can let affordable housing developers, management companies and residents                            know about your products or services. 

                     Advertise your business by including your logo on this page or as part of our Life Success Library or by sponsoring a scholarship,                      or providing expertise, merchandise, products, samples, coupons, food or gift cards,  etc., for residents. Please tell us more about your business by submitting our Sponsor Information Form.

                                      We are honored and privileged to have so many helpful and generous businesses partnering with us to make                             a positive difference in the lives of affordable housing residents.

Johnny Ringos

Light Story Studios

Naldi Fix It

Roden Consulting, LLC

Paparazzi Jewelry

Edit This

Deborah e. Johnson

Red Spot Design