How Can Ascendant Help Property Managers?

Ascendant is a web-based supportive service program, designed to provide you, as a manager, an easy, effective and affordable way to meet the supportive service compliance requirements for the Affordable Housing Communities you manage.*

Streamline Compliance Reporting

Ascendant Education offers built-in documentation and verification. See Verification Made Easy for more information.

Benefits for Property Managers

  • Quarterly reporting. Quarterly usage reports are included with each Ascendant Education supportive services agreement.
  • Reports by property. Quarterly reports show usage by individual property making it easy to keep accurate documentation at each site.
  • Needs assessment survey results. Ascendant features a Needs Assessment Survey for residents. Results are sent directly to property managers to keep with the residents file.
  • Easy supportive services. Residents can access the online Life Success Library 24/7 from a personal or property clubhouse computer. Plus, Activity Directors can use Ascendant’s resources to create more effective in-house presentations.
  • Cost effective. Pay as low as $1 per unit per month.

Easy Supportive Services

Ascendant Education has an online Life Success Library for your Residents that contains content in a format that allows for easy, fun and convenient learning. Ascendant develops original materials, and links to organizations or individuals who offer top quality material in areas essential for overall life improvement.

Ascendant Education's Online Life Success Library


  • Expert presenters. Programs are developed by experts and provide in-depth education on a variety of essential subjects
  • Multiple formats. Life Success Library resources are offered to residents in a variety of formats such as videos, podcasts and articles.
  • Private resident access. Residents can learn on any computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • Improved presentation quality. Use Ascendant's materials to supplement your properties' in-house presentations.
  • Resident stability. Ascendant Education's Life Success Library is designed to give your residents tools for independent living.

Life Success Library Topics Include:

Parenting and Family Life


Money Matters

Emergency Preparation


Life Essentials


Caring for Pets

Medios en Español


You will find most of your questions answered under the FAQ Section below.
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FAQs for Property Management

*Affordable housing Federal, state and local rules and requirements vary and change over time. Roden Consulting, LLC does not warrant or guarantee that Ascendant Education complies with application, compliance or any other federal, state or local rules and requirements.