How Can Ascendant Help Developers?

Ascendant Education is a supportive service program designed to provide you, a developer, an easy, customized, and cost effective way to meet the supportive service compliance requirements for your Affordable Housing Developments.*


Make your tax credit, HOME, AHP, housing trust fund and other applications far more competitive using Ascendant Education's Supportive Services.

Benefits for Developers

  • More Competitive Tax Credit and HOME Applications. Include Ascendant Education in your applications to score more points.*
  • Quarterly reporting. Ascendant provides each individual property with quarterly compliance reports documenting all supportive services offered to residents.
  • Easy and cost effective supportive services. Pay as low as $1 per unit per month for custom supportive services coordination based on the unique needs of your properties.
  • Resident stability. Ascendant gives your residents tools for independent living.

Included in the AE Supportive Services package:

  •   Coordination of qualified providers.
  •   Sign-up sheets and marketing flyers to inform residents of Services.
  •   Survey forms to assess resident needs.
  •   Quarterly compliance reports documenting Services.
  •   Resident access to Ascendant’s online Life Success Library.
  •   Support in communicating with State Compliance Officials.
  •  Assistance getting Sponsors to offer incentives for residents (snacks, gift cards, etc).

To meet the needs of your property, Ascendant...

  • Consults with management on desired services.
  • Reviews information on your property’s compliance requirements.
  • Assesses demographics and specific needs of residents.
  • Acts as liaison between property and state compliance officials.
  • Develops proposals outlining recommended services.
  • Coordinates all aspects of client-approved services (nonprofit providers available upon request).


What is the Life Success Library?

Ascendant's online Life Success Library offers residents high quality, on-demand, educational services in a variety of learning formats. Topics include basic life skills, parenting, family life, relationships, career enhancement, money management, weather and disaster preparedness, and more. 

You will find most of your questions answered under the FAQ Section below.
ACT NOW. Contact Ascendant Education to take advantage of all these benefits today.

FAQs for Developers

*We use our best efforts to design custom supportive services that meet compliance requirements, however, affordable housing Federal, state and local rules and requirements vary and change over time, therefore, Roden Consulting, LLC does not warrant or guarantee that any of Ascendant Education's supportive services programs comply with application, compliance or any other federal, state or local rules and requirements.